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Rare Gynaecological Cancers

Some gynecological cancers are a rare and very uncommon source of peritoneal cancer. Rare gynecological origins of peritoneal cancer include granulosa cell tumors, germ-cell tumors and cervical cancer. The ovaries are the most common source of these rare tumors.
The ovaries are comprised of different types of cells that give rise to different types of tumors. The most common cancer or the conventional cancer is epithelial ovarian cancer that arises from the surface lining and is not discussed in this section.
Other tumors like granulosa cells tumors that arise from the stromal (supportive) cells and those that arise from the germ cells (that produce eggs) are considered to be rare gynecological cancers.
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Granulosa Cell Tumors

These tumors arise from the ovary but from a different type of cells compared to the conventional ovarian carcinomas. Most of these tumors are diagnosed in the 1st or 2nd stage. Peritoneal metastases are seen in 20-30%. Many times these tumors form single or few peritoneal deposits that can be easily treated with surgery. The treatment is cytoreductive surgery with or without HIPEC and intravenous chemotherapy.

The 5 and 10-year survival is much better compared to patients with the conventional or epithelial ovarian carcinomas.