Experience with cytoreductive surgery – Mohammed Khursheed

December 21, 2021
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December 21, 2021 Aditi Bhatt

Mohammed Khursheed from Hyderabad talks about the treatment of his mother by Dr. Aditi Bhatt.

My mother aged around 65 years was diagnosed with a rare type of disease called pseudomyxoma peritonea in 2009 August in Mediciti Hospitals in Hyderabad while CT scanning. They advised us to meet surgical oncologists and for further tests like biopsy etc. In biopsy, they confirmed the same. We went to many hospitals in Hyderabad, Mumbai (Tata hospital, breach candy & other famous doctors) and even an American hospital in Dubai in 2010 but we were not satisfied with their advice because of different opinions of the doctors.

Finally, we went to a famous hospital in Hyderabad OMEGA HOSPITALS they advised us to go for surgery immediately, as my mother’s health was deteriorating every day. So, we decided to do the surgery, they opt for laparoscopic surgery first, but it failed they were unable to remove anything and couldn’t find the origin of the primary tumor. Hence, they did an open surgery after 3 weeks and they removed some mucus without touching the tumor (Appendix tumor found). They further decided to do another surgery after giving a few chemo cycles. After 6 weeks they performed surgery but were unable to remove it completely. After 3 major operations, my mother’s health was the same because the jelly-like substance formed again and the hospital refused to do any further treatment.

Then we searched for other hospitals and found two specialists in this (HIPEC) field. One from Mumbai and the other from Bangalore. We decided to go to Mumbai first and after we met the doctor, we were not satisfied with his approach.

On the very next day, we left for Bangalore to meet Doctor Aditi Bhatt. We were fully satisfied with her plan and her approach. She told us that the chemo given in Hyderabad was completely wrong medicine. After a detailed meeting, she advised us to go for surgery (if possible HIPEC) and finally she did the cytoreductive surgery and it was a success. This time the CEA level also came down to a normal range of nearly 3.0. In Hyderabad, they did 3 surgeries but it remained the same around CEA level was 45.0 after surgeries and chemo.

Now more than a year has been completed and my mother’s health is very good and energetic. She is doing all the household work, shopping, and traveling, etc and she was on a fast for a whole month of Ramadan. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to do HIPEC because her BP was going down while operating but still my mother is fine without HIPEC and 3 months back we did an ultrasound and there was no free fluid. I feel the surgery is more important in such kinds of diseases and surgeons like Dr. Aditi Bhatt who performed the surgery with patience, unlike the famous busy doctors who just look commercially.